work samples by Rich Smith marketing writer

WRITING THAT GRABS PEOPLE by their lapels and pulls their faces tight up against the page.

That's the kind of writing Rich Smith does.

See for yourself.

Marketing writer Rich Smith's "Hall of Frame" hit-parade. Below are links to some of the solid-gold, message-framing patter spun by Rich Smith. Each a top-of-the-charts classic.

    1. HIGH-IMPACT NEWS BLURBS. This collection of rapid-fire snippets about hotels, dining, and tourism was designed to quickly intrigue and captivate jaded readers. My technique: cut right to the chase in a short, sweet, sizzling, no-miss fusillade of words, rich in colorful imagery and drenched in hipness.
    2. ENGAGING BLOG POST. The trick here was to take an enticing topic (a list of popular movies) and seamlessly weave in mentions of my client — even though my client had no particular connection to anything discussed in the body of the post.
    3. CREATIVE HEADLINE WRITING. It's an artform being able to convey the gist of a story with just a handful of words and in a way that massively whets the appetite to read more. This is one of my favorite headlines, a play on a cliche of the zombie movie genre. The body copy's great, too.
    4. HEALTHCARE PRESS RELEASE. The best way to attract patients to a medical practice is by demonstrating how good that practice is at keeping people alive and healthy. And sometimes the best way to convey that message isn't with a standard, tersely written hard-news story but with a long-form news feature, such as this one about a doctor who narrowly avoided a fatal heart attack by turning for help from colleagues in his own office — on the advice of an outsider.
    5. SYMPATHY INDUCING FEATURE-NEWS PRESS RELEASE. Trial lawyers are not ordinarily seen as sympathetic figures. This story was written to portray a trial lawyer as someone worthy not only of compassion but also of praise for his efforts to champion the rights of cancer victims. The goodwill engendered by this trial lawyer's story reflected favorably on his trial lawyer law firm (the ultimate goal of this nationally distributed press release).
    6. LANDING PAGE OPTIMIZED TO SPARK CONSUMER RESPONSE. What's the point of having a landing page if it doesn't engage readers and inspire them to take action? Here's a landing page that was optimized for consumer responsiveness as well as for Google search ranking. (My philosophy is you can achieve both CRO and SEO in the same landing page if you know the secrets, like I do.)
    7. FEATURE ARTICLE IN MAJOR U.S. NEWSPAPER. I talked The Washington Post into giving my client enough space — free of charge — to post a strategic article nearly 900 words long. I, of course, wrote it. Its purpose was to drive readers to the client's website, which it did and at traffic levels that exceeded expectations.
    8. INVENTIVE VISIBILITY RAISING PRESS RELEASE. The client was a Florida-based public relations agency. The idea for thisĀ attention-commanding story originated with me. It was written to increase the visibility and authoritativeness of two separate (and non-competing) veterinary practices.
    9. CELEBRITY PROFILE, MAGAZINE COVER STORY. Sizzling-hot supermodel Christy Turlington agreed to an interview with a local Florida magazine. The editors didn't want to assign this story to just anybody. That's why they turned to me, Rich Smith. I interview celebrities, politicians, CEOs, people on the street, dogs and cats. I have a knack for unearthing nuggets of news readers can really use.

    Not seeing anything here that matches your particular need? Drop a line to Rich Smith and tell him what you'd like to see — chances are he's got relatable samples readily available for your inspection.

    That's because Rich Smith is a prolific marketing communications writer. In a typical month, Rich Smith authors five full-length feature news stories, twice again as many standard-length press releases, a couple of brochures, a minimum of 50 blog posts, and three or four newsletters.

    Where does he get the time for so much wordsmithing? By rising early (Rich Smith settles in at his desk just before 5 a.m., Pacific time) and by intelligently budgetging his hours and minutes. It helps that Rich Smith is a natural at writing: he fluidly bangs out words on a keyboard like most people orally converse with friends at a dinner party that's going exceptionally well.

    PUT MARKETING WRITER RICH SMITH on your team today. Start reaping the rewards of content that pushes and pulls your target audiences to action. Rich Smith delivers writing that jolts, awakens, stirs, overcomes, conquers. His is writing that ignites, that summons action. Call Rich Smith now at 209.245.3362.

More to Rich Smith than marketing comunications writing

PODCASTING. Rich Smith is a fabulous interviewer, able to make anyone sitting in front of a mic come across as compelling, fascinating, warm, caring and worthy of audience praise.

VOICEOVERS. Honey-toned Rich Smith sounds like he spent his entire life in broadcasting. Adding his silken voice to your audios or videos helps them evoke stronger audience response.

VIDEOGRAPHY. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a 3-minute viral YouTube video is worth ten-thousand. Rich Smith has the technical skills to shoot and edit these for you.